Collision Parts Management

Drive Customer Satisfaction

Customers can log in to a customer portal and see vehicle status updates and photos through an interactive website. Your motorists can check AutoWatch effortlessly keeps customers up to date through every step of the vehicle repair process without having to pick up the phone. 

AutoWatch also sends automated repair status updates through SMS and email and allows customers to share vehicle photos on social media via Facebook. 

Drive Shop Efficiency

Customers aren’t the only ones who benefit from AutoWatch. With helpful features, such as compliance reporting, vehicle “check-in” and “check-out,” and a fully functional mobile app, shop staff can quickly and easily track vehicle statuses and streamline shop processes.

Drive Shop Growth

Because AutoWatch substantially reduces incoming customer phone calls, repair staff spends less time on the phone, and more motorists will actively choose your services in the future. Shortening your cycles while improving customer satisfaction will ensure that drivers actively select your services in the future.

Generate the Most Accurate Auto Body Estimates Every Time

Use the industry's most comprehensive collision estimating database to generate incredibly accurate quotes in less time than with any other software.


"Audatex Estimating is more thorough than any other estimating Programs. It automatically includes all of the operations needed in the process. It does more of the thinking for us, more of the estimating for us."

John Griggs, Shop Foreman
Heitzman Body - Beaverton, Oregon

A great shop doesn’t just excel at managing its internal processes and employees. It also excels at keeping its customers happy. And The best way to keep customers happy throughout the claims and repair process is to keep them informed.

However, many collision shops rely solely on phone calls to provide updates, estimates, and timeframes. But calls are time-consuming, often forgotten and can leave customers feeling out of the loop. 

Along with our shop management software, AutoFocus, we also offer our AutoWatch customer communication solution. AutoWatch effortlessly keeps customers up to date through every step of the vehicle repair process.

Automate Customer Communication with AutoWatch

Create Lifelong Customers

Open communication and increased exposure for your shop with AutoWatch will drive business far beyond a single visit or vehicle. It will help create repeat business and lifelong customers.


Audatex Estimating will help you create the fastest and most accurate estimates your shop has ever produced. Fill out the form to get started.

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Create Faster More Accurate Estimates

"We have been using AutoFocus for 10 years. It has enabled our team to maintain a cutting edge mentality that has kept us competitive.”

- Stan Ware
West Jordan, UT

Body Shop Performance Software

What You can do with Autowatch


Get Up and Running Quickly

Audatex Estimating has a straightforward design that makes it as quick and easy as possible to get you to your estimate.

Find the Right Parts Faster

Create more accurate estimates in far less time with 3D vehicle graphics.  Find and select the right parts quickly using Audatex estimating's 360-degree rotation, unlimited zoom, and color-coded parts.

On-screen “hot” graphics link an estimator to a complete collection of parts, prices and labor times, all you have to do is point-and-click.

You can even Zoom in on parts images and enlarge them to ensure correct identification.

Access The Most Up to Date Auto Body and Parts Information

Simply enter a VIN to get accurate body parts numbers, pricing and labor times for makes/models going back to 1970. The software covers over 98% of the vehicles on the road today, the highest data coverage in the industry.

Always Have The Right Labor Time

Our pricing is updated weekly to ensure you always have the latest OE pricing info. 

Always have the right labor time for any task. Audatex estimating calculates correct labor time for a task that supports multiple, related parts and accounts for duplicate labor operations and labor on related adjacent parts

Get The Best Vehicle Coverage

Get the Maximum Value from Your Collision Estimating System

A Full Suite of Applications

Audatex estimating offer the most robust enhancements catalog for body shops that need more than just collision estimating. Every add-on is seamlessly integrated in the software to maximize your shop's efficiency.

  • Digital Imaging
  • Insurance Compliance
  • Parts Locating
  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Frame Dimensions
  • In-Depth VIN Decoding
  • 3D Graphics
  • Estimate Compliance Tools

"We saw an Audatex 3D demo at an Auto Body Association meeting and we knew almost instantly that it could make a difference in our shop, in terms of both time savings and improvements in estimating accuracy."

Steve Lukas, Senior Estimator
Crown Collision - Tampa, Florida

"Our estimators can use any system they choose...but most prefer to write their estimates to Audatex. It simply allows you to write a faster estimate." 

Chris Norris, Manager
Bob Sight Ford - Lee’s Summit, Montana

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