Collision Parts Management

Comprehensive Reporting

Track sales, closing ratios, assignments, production, finances, efficiencies and other KPIs to benchmark for success and to proactively provide best-in-class customer service.

Profit / Loss Tracking & Quickbooks Integration

View income and costs in real time to proactively manage your business and profit margins.

Easily integrate with Quickbooks to keep your accounting information up to date automatically.

Schedule Tracking

Ensure consistent sales and production levels at your body shop. Autofocus provides a graphical, color-coded schedule with a listing of production capacity and clearly displayed load levels. 

Visual Production/Cycle Time Management

A visual perspective of all jobs to track workflow, technicians, sublets, parts, returns, credits, purchase orders, vendor invoices, supplements, receivables, claim status and communications.

Autofocus allows you to schedule repair jobs according to shop resources and production capability to proactively manage delays and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Labor Costing

Improve your cycle times with flexible labor-costing and team-tracking tools.

Employees can can clock in and out of ROs to get a fast approximate time tracking. At the end of the day they can add their true time to each job.

Drive Customer Satisfaction

Customers can log in to a customer portal and see vehicle status updates and photos through an interactive website. Your motorists can check AutoWatch effortlessly keeps customers up to date through every step of the vehicle repair process without having to pick up the phone. 

AutoWatch also sends automated repair status updates through SMS and email and allows customers to share vehicle photos on social media via Facebook. 

Drive Shop Efficiency

Customers aren’t the only ones who benefit from AutoWatch. With helpful features, such as compliance reporting, vehicle “check-in” and “check-out,” and a fully functional mobile app, shop staff can quickly and easily track vehicle statuses and streamline shop processes.

Drive Shop Growth

Because AutoWatch substantially reduces incoming customer phone calls, repair staff spends less time on the phone, and more motorists will actively choose your services in the future. Shortening your cycles while improving customer satisfaction will ensure that drivers actively select your services in the future.

AutoFocus makes it easy to import your collision estimates for invoicing and has 100% correct data translation. All it takes is one click to import an estimate and turn it into a professional invoice for your customer.

Simplify Your Inventory, Parts Management, and Ordering

Save your body shop countless hours in parts management. AutoFocus has a fully automated parts management suite that lets you order, receive, and return parts

Part Ordering

It's easy to find and order the right parts. Just select what you you need from your preferred vendor and send a purchase order via e-mail or fax automatically. Autofocus will also keep track of due dates, so you’ll know exactly when your parts will arrive. 

"AutoFocus is an instrumental part of managing our business. From ordering parts to flagging communication with our customers, we rely on the ease of use of iAutoFocus to keep us ahead of the competition."

- Scott Beetler
Corona, CA

Accurately Manage Your Shop Scheduling and Labor

Accurately tracking labor times and workloads is an essential part of collision shop management and AutoFocus makes it incredibly easy by putting a variety tools at your disposable. 

A great shop doesn’t just excel at managing its internal processes and employees. It also excels at keeping its customers happy. And The best way to keep customers happy throughout the claims and repair process is to keep them informed.

However, many collision shops rely solely on phone calls to provide updates, estimates, and timeframes. But calls are time-consuming, often forgotten and can leave customers feeling out of the loop. 

Along with our shop management software, AutoFocus, we also offer our AutoWatch customer communication solution. AutoWatch effortlessly keeps customers up to date through every step of the vehicle repair process.

Automate Customer Communication with AutoWatch

Create Lifelong Customers

Open communication and increased exposure for your shop with AutoWatch will drive business far beyond a single visit or vehicle. It will help create repeat business and lifelong customers.


Run a Better Body Shop and Grow your Business with Autofocus

The suite of tools within AutoFocus will provide you everything you need to start running a more productive, efficient, and profitable body shop.

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Create Professional Invoices

"We have been using AutoFocus for 10 years. It has enabled our team to maintain a cutting edge mentality that has kept us competitive.”

- Stan Ware
West Jordan, UT

Part Returns

Return parts to your supplier as easily as your ordered them. Just select what you want to return and the reason, and Autofocus will generate a return form automatically.

Autofocus will also group all of your past returns in an easy to view report for easy tracking by whatever time period you need.

Stay Up On Your Shop's Performance 

Managing a body shop comes with some high expectations. AutoFocus will track and report your shop’s productivity and profitability to help you make smarter business decisions every day. Helping you decrease cycle time and improve customer satisfaction, all while managing costs and delivering profits.

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Create Professional Invoices

Body Shop Estimating Software

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