Scan, diagnose, and verify the full health of every vehicle in your shop

The industry’s most comprehensive vehicle scan tool and auto diagnostic suite offers shops and techs the most cost effective way to guarantee the health of every vehicle in their shop.

Arriving 2018



Quickly perform full system scans with the portable Bluetooth interface and intuitive mobile application for smartphones and tablets.


Leverage the combined knowledge of over 60,000 repair shops and 80,000 technicians to find the fixes you need for any vehicle.


Use the post service scans to ensure vehicle operability before putting it back on the road

Audatex Vehicle Health Check is a Match for Every Shop

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Fast and accurate mobile access to full vehicle system scan data with a powerful diagnostic report pulling from millions of industry confirmed fixes. A perfect, low cost solution for the intake and inspection of damaged vehicles.


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VHC Tech Kit

A complete tablet based diagnostic kit for full system scan, actuation and resets along with subscription access to the industry's largest diagnostic knowledgebase and network of certified repair technicians

Full Vehicle Health Check Report

The Audatex VHC Suite reads and interprets diagnostic trouble codes and provides a clear, well-structured diagnostic pre- and post-scan report that will show you the full health of the vehicle including:

System Scan Results

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Confirmed Probable Causes for DTCs

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